With over 95% internet penetration in Iceland the MMR Online Omnibus is a particularly reliable and cost effective way of data collection.


Panel selection is based on a nationally representative sample drawn randomly from the Icelandic National Registry followed by telephone recruitment. Each standard run consists of respondents between aged 18 years and older. Other ages are available on request. The internet panel is recruited so that it reflects the demographic composition of Icelandic residents. Each round consists of a minimum if 800 completed responses with quotas set on age, gender and geography.


The MMR Online Omnibus runs on a weekly basis and we even have economy class seats on the bus on the first Monday of each month (in case you are on a tight budget and don't mind to wait).


Results are delivered in standard tables with cross breaks. All deliverables are in electronic format.

Cross breaks

The standard demographic cross breaks are age, gender, geography, age, education, occupation and household income. Other cross breaks available upon request.


Fieldwork generally starts on a Monday and lasts from Monday to Sunday. Results are delivered the following Wednesday (i.e. two days after end of fieldwork). Questions for the Online Omnibus (finalised) should be delivered by end of Thursday before start of fieldwork. Dates should be confirmed with MMR beforehand as timetables may shift.

Language and methodological support

The service includes methodological advice on question design and translation from English to Icelandic. Cross breaks are provided in English. Translation from other languages supported on request.

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